How women and men differ

This week is the influence of sex and the role of this variable within staff turnover Central. What makes men as far as staff turnover Other than women and vice versa? And what impact does this tendency have on HR policy in staff turnover? To fall into the door, the perception of the motives for staff turnover varies significantly (P = <. 05). Below is the overview with the top three factors, which are significant predictors of staff turnover can be added.

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What is staff turnover? And what is a good expiration rate?

American retailer Zappos offers new employees at the end of their training course a bonus of one month's salary to leave the organisation. Amazon goes a step further and offers all permanent employees up to $5,000 a year to pack their belongings.1. But why?

By offering a bonus to the leaving the organization will be staff turnover among unmotivated employees encouraged. Both Zappos and Amazon are convinced that in the long run term pays off to say goodbye to relatively underperforming workers in order to have a strong team. And that idea isn't just out of the blue grabbed. Research shows that there is an optimal rate of displacement.

But what exactly is staff turnover? How can you optimize your personnel policy to achieve the right outflow rate? to pursue? And what costs play a role after staff turnover?

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