An employee satisfaction survey every week?

Every week a questionnaire in the mailbox of employees: is that a good idea or not? So-called pulse surveys - weekly or monthly recurring questionnaires - have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what exactly are the considerations for opting for high-frequency research? And what are the potential dangers? In this article you will read all about the advantages and disadvantages of pulse surveys and you will find tips for the effective use of high-frequency research.  

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What is employee satisfaction survey (MTO)?

An employee satisfaction survey measures the extent to which employees are satisfied with their employer. But how does such an investigation work? And why is it important to collect this information? In this article you will find the definition of employee satisfaction research, and you will read how this type of research can be used.

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What is employee research? And what is the future?

Employee survey is a tool to increase the satisfaction and involvement of employees. About 65 percent of all organisations in the Netherlands are working on periodic employee research. But what is behind such a Staff Research? And what is the added value of this? This article therefore explains what Staff Research And how this instrument has developed over the past decades.

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More satisfied customers? It starts with employee satisfaction.

Studies have shown that employee satisfaction Plays an important role in the effectiveness of organisations. It has long been known that satisfied employees can also provide more customer satisfaction. Why does more employee satisfaction also provide more customer satisfaction? and is this related to quantify?

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