OOA membership

We are members of the order of change and advisers (OOA). As a result, we are obliged to comply with the code of conduct of the OOA. To be a member of the OOA, the following values must be followed:

1. Expert

The contractors set up the knowledge, experience, competencies, skills and time required for the assignment. Contractors use available knowledge and they can explain and substantiate how they have come to a specific opinion, or a particular approach. Clients and colleagues are therefore able to answer the question whether the proposed approach and services provided are appropriate for the client's question. In the case of doubt, the professional will have to make it plausible as a contractor that he has proceeded in a (DES) manner. This obligation applies both to the client and to colleagues. The participating professionals maintain their knowledge and (DES) skills through the follow-up of study, training, coaching, participation in intervision or other appropriate methods.

2. Reliable

Be reliable means that the contractor fulfils his appointments and commitments and that he is in secrecy and cautiously dealing with confidential and/or competitively sensitive (company) information that is communicated to him under the contract Come. In General, information which bears a confidential and/or competitive character may be used only then if the importance of the execution of the contract requires it, or the laws or regulations required to do so. When this information is transmitted, it must be ensured that it is not to be redirected to the source, unless the source is authorized to do so, or the information may be generally presumed to be known.

3. Carefully

Careful means that the professional service provider, as far as reasonably practicable, takes into account the wishes, expectations, rights and interests of all concerned. This also means that any conclusion can be properly made plausible; That the contractor is not only aware of the (at) effects of his activities within an organisation, but also of possible undesirable societal or other effects. 002-130314 Core code page 2 of 2 be careful means in addition, that the contractor in carrying out the assignment is reluctant to give judgments about persons within the organization of the client. Such a judgement shall be given only if that is in the interest of the fulfilment of the contract (and the professional core values to be observed). In Common cases, this is done carefully, well-substantiated and with respect to the person (s) to whom the judgement relates. In the case of care, it is understood that, in the event that several contractors work for the same client, they furnish their mutual cooperation and information provision so as to ensure the quality of the execution of the contract and the importance of the Principal are paramount. In Common cases, the professional contractors agree to comply with the code of conduct.

4. Professionally Independent

In the assignment relationship, professionally independent means that the contractor holds such a distance to his assignment, his client and his organization that he can and will know and use his (DES) knowledge unhindered and best. This is detracted from the fact that the contractor, when executing his contract, unprocesseds facts or insights which a contractor does not have to disregard, by allowing him to be guided by personal interests or by the Interests of third parties. The participating professionals and organisations will, in their capacity as a contractor, do what is reasonably expected of them to avoid (the semblance of) conflict of interest. These four core values are not separate from each other. They derive their strength from their mutual coherence. In the event of a conflict between core values, careful consideration is required to determine what is appropriate

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