Is implicit research the future?

We humans don't always do what we say. And we don't always say what we do. This is not due to unwillingness, but can logically be explained by means of psychology. An overwhelming 95% of the choices we make each day take place in our subconscious.1. If we consciously processed all this information, it would take so much of us that we would be completely burned out by noon. A smart solution for our brains! There's only one problem. As a result, in some cases our behaviour can be better predicted on the basis of the subconscious than on the basis of questionnaires.2.

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Difference between satisfaction, involvement and commitment

Satisfaction. Involvement. Commitment. 

Three important properties for a successful employee. Yet it is often not clear what this properties exactly. The terms employee satisfaction, commitment and engagement are therefore sometimes used interchangeably. And that while they are indeed different concepts. A satisfied employee is in fact not yet immediately involved. An involved employee does not necessarily have to be engaged. to be. And engagement does not always automatically go hand in hand with satisfaction. 

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