What is employee experience and why is it important?

In recent years, the term employee "experience" has been increasing in popularity and is increasingly becoming an agenda item on the managers ' agenda. But what is employee experience exactly? And above all: what can you do with it? This article therefore answers the questions surrounding this relatively new phenomenon.

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10 Smart Tips to increase employee satisfaction

For achieving competitive advantage, high employees satisfaction is a must. Not only are satisfied employees more productive but this also provides a further Higher customer satisfaction But how do you make sure employees are satisfied? And more importantly, how do employees continue to be satisfied? This article describes the most important tips for realising Employee satisfaction.

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7 accessible tips to increase the response rate

The number of respondents is crucial to the success of a Staff Research. A low response rate ensures that the data is not a good reflection of the actual. The result, without sufficient participants, the results will be taken less seriously. When few employees react then this means that the added value of the research is significantly decreasing. These tips therefore help you to get responses to the next research.
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Negative results from employee research. How do you go about this?

The main objective of Staff Research is often to identify improvement points in the organization. But when the results are negative it is tempting for managers to do nothing, or worse: to pretend the results are not correct. Take no action after Staff Research Often leads to a negative situation than for distributing the questionnaire.

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Checklist for successful collaborators research

You want to know how you Staff Research Best to tackle. Maybe you want to do it yourself or Outsource. In any case, it is important to be critical of the approach. The impact of the Staff Research Can be greater than expected, and you must be prepared to translate the results into actions that result. This is the only way to get the most out of the results and to see the value of the research staff.

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10 main reasons for staff turnover

Staff turnover is detrimental to many organisations. Only the costs of finding a suitable replacement (recruitment, interviews, administration, etc.) are often higher than a full year salary. This is especially true when the original employee had scarce and non-transferable knowledge, competencies, etc. In short: Understanding reasons for departure is important for almost all organizations.

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More satisfied customers? It starts with employee satisfaction.

Studies have shown that Employee satisfaction Plays an important role in the effectiveness of organisations. It has long been known that satisfied employees can also provide more customer satisfaction. Why does more employee satisfaction also provide more customer satisfaction? and is this related to quantify?

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Influence of employee satisfaction on staff turnover

It was assumed that the combination between dissatisfaction with the work (Employee satisfaction) and available alternatives leads to leaving an organization (Mobley, 1977). There are a number of points that have not been sufficiently addressed until then. An important argument is that most theories have not paid attention to mutual relations, social pressure and commitment.

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