How women and men differ

This week, the influence of gender and the role of this variable within staff turnover central. What makes men staff turnover anders dan vrouwen en vice versa? En welke impact heeft deze tendens binnen personeelsverloop op het HR-beleid? Om met de deur in huis te vallen, de perceptie van de beweegredenen voor personeelsverloop verschillen significant (p = < .05). Hieronder is het overzicht met de top drie factoren, die significante voorspellers van staff turnover can be added.

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HR has difficulty completing thorough and full outflow policies

The 2013 Exit Policy survey conducted by Presearch shows that 38 percent of HR officers do not systematically compile or analyse their results from exit questionnaires and/or exit interviews. This while they clearly indicate that they need to do more to reduce undesired staff turnover. staff turnover. In fact, 51 percent of this group are dissatisfied with their current approach and at the same time indicate that they could do more to prevent undesirable behaviour. staff turnover (84 per cent).

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To create unwanted or unpredictable outflow of employees

Unwanted or unpredictable outflow of employees? Probably. Almost all larger organisations have a lot to do with this, but often do not know specific reasons for staff turnover. Sin, because unwanted outflow has many disadvantages. Indeed, the unwanted outflows of employees lead to poorer performance and a deteriorated market position [1].

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