The undeniable value of integrity in organizations

Having an attitude of integrity is crucial in business, and this importance is now further underscored by the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI offers efficient and effective operations to businesses, this development also brings ethical issues to the fore. Companies recognize that integrity is important to a company's long-term success and reputation. Why is this the case?

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Workplace happiness increases productivity and turnover

I'm sure you've heard that job satisfaction increases productivity. However, until recently this was not at all clear-cut. Numerous studies showed that happiness and productivity often went hand in hand, but not which of the two was the cause and which was the result. Does a feeling of happiness make people work harder? Or does it make employees who work harder happier?

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Five trends in the field of Employee Experience in 2020

It's January again: the perfect time to take stock for 2019 and look ahead to 2020. Also in the field of work experience. If we look back over the past year, we see that great strides have been made in understanding Employee Experience (EX). This year's research on job satisfaction has taught us that factors such as culture and engagement are increasingly influencing job experiences.1. These elements are therefore considered increasingly important when looking for a job, and determine to a large extent how long an employee remains with an organization. 

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Burn-out and bore-out: What can you do as an employer to prevent it?

We all know the phenomenon Burn-out. Last year, 1 in 6 Dutch people suffered from burn-out. symptoms such as chronic stress, persistent fatigue and even downturn1. The most common reason for A burn-out is a structurally too high workload. However, there are also employees who don't experience a high workload at all and are even bored, but are still in the above phenomena. How is that possible?

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What is employee experience and why is it important?

In recent years, the term employee "experience" has been increasing in popularity and is increasingly becoming an agenda item on the managers ' agenda. But what is employee experience exactly? And above all: what can you do with it? This article therefore answers the questions surrounding this relatively new phenomenon.

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What is employee satisfaction survey (MTO)?

An employee satisfaction survey measures the extent to which employees are satisfied with their employer. But how does such an investigation work? And why is it important to collect this information? In this article you will find the definition of employee satisfaction research, and you will read how this type of research can be used.

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7 accessible tips to increase the response rate

The number of respondents is crucial for the success of a Staff Research. A low response rate ensures that the data is not a good reflection of the actual. The result, without sufficient participants, the results will be taken less seriously. When few employees react then this means that the added value of the research is significantly decreasing. These tips therefore help you to get responses to the next research.
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What is employee satisfaction? And what is the impact of this?

Employee satisfaction or job satisfaction shows the extent to which employees are satisfied with their jobs within the organisation. Employee satisfaction is usually made tangible by using Satisfaction questionnaires. These questionnaires often contain questions or theorems around the work itself (labour content), circumstances in which someone is employed (working conditions), relationship with manager (s) and colleagues (labour relations) and the manner of Compensation (Working conditions).
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What is employee research? And what is the future?

Employee survey is an instrument to increase employee satisfaction and involvement. Approximately 65 percent of all organisations in the Netherlands conduct periodical employee surveys. But what is behind such a Staff Research? And what is the added value? This article therefore explains what Staff Research is and how this instrument has developed in recent decades.

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More satisfied customers? It starts with employee satisfaction.

Studies have shown that employee satisfaction plays an important role in the effectiveness of organisations. It has been known for some time that satisfied employees can also ensure more satisfied customers. Why does higher employee satisfaction also lead to higher customer satisfaction? And can this connection be quantified?

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