Presearch is an ambitious research firm based in Amsterdam. We strive to deliver sound and relevant Staff Research. Our mission is to enable organisations to "make decisions based on facts".

These facts are made accessible thanks to our technology combined with an eye for personal approach. We do this by conducting high-quality staff research without concessions.


Employees of Presearch do customer-oriented and trustworthy staff research. We think it is important that our solutions provide integrity.

In addition to integrity, we value sobriety because we understand the context in which we operate. Staff Research carry out. This is how we ensure that our employee survey is both relevant and reliable.


Our employee research is based on both statistical insights and existing scientific literature. We measure employee satisfaction, engagement and organisational culture. In our method, we always involve as many relevant stakeholders as possible to ensure that the questions are relevant to both employees and the organisation. This is why we achieve a relatively high response rate. We only conduct Staff Research out when it will be reliable and valid and ensure that measurements are constantly improving in relevance, reliability and validity.

Target group

Presearch focuses on Organisations who want to constantly develop and involve employees in improving their policies. We help in this process by offering services that provide a platform and means of communication between (policy) managers and employees.

Regardless of industry, number of employees or age, our Customers in openly involving employees. They see employees as essential for the healthy survival of the organisation.