The undeniable value of integrity in organizations

Having an attitude of integrity is crucial in business, and this importance is now further underscored by the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI offers efficient and effective operations to businesses, this development also brings ethical issues to the fore. Companies recognize that integrity is important to a company's long-term success and reputation. Why is this the case?

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Are we getting more productive from working from home?

One may have been doing it for years, the other is forced by the prevailing coronavirus. The fact remains that we will be working massively at home in the coming period. But what does that do to our productivity? Do we get more done because we can concentrate better at home than in the busy office garden? Or can't we withstand the distractions that lurk at home and walk away from them? We looked into it through scientific research, and put the positive and negative effects of working from home among each other.

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Impact of working hours on staff turnover

Last week, as a result of a Swedish experiment, this Article about the benefits of shorter working days. In the study, the Managing Director of Toyota Sweden explains that the experiment has led to "Less staff turnover and better recruitment & selection Possibilities". The bottom line is that people who work for about six hours a day are more productive and better able to "Work-Life" to find a balance.

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To create unwanted or unpredictable outflow of employees

Unwanted or unpredictable outflow of employees? Probably. Almost all larger organisations have a lot to do with this, but often do not know specific reasons for staff turnover. Sin, because unwanted outflow has many disadvantages. Indeed, the unwanted outflows of employees lead to poorer performance and a deteriorated market position [1].

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