Influence of employee satisfaction on staff turnover

It was assumed that the combination between dissatisfaction with the work (employee satisfaction) and available alternatives leads to leaving an organization (Mobley, 1977). There are a number of points that have not been sufficiently addressed until then. An important argument is that most theories have not paid attention to mutual relations, social pressure and commitment.

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What are knowledge-intensive organisations and what is the role of expertise management within this type of organisation?

This article focuses on knowledge-intensive organisations. In order to create a substantive consensus on knowledge-intensive organisations, a definition of the relevant terms has been formulated first. According to Sun (2010), an organization can be defined as a movement that creates and maintains a social entity to achieve a particular goal. This is a structured, coordinated and targeted social entity that has been established and maintained by people.

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Industrial relations predicts voluntary staff turnover

What is the relationship between staff turnover and labour relations? And what can be done with this connection? In any case, the results show that the Satisfaction of labour relations explains the voluntariness of departures. The degree of voluntariness (voluntary vs. involuntary staff turnover) is mainly determined by the degree of guidance from the manager.

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How women and men differ

This week, the influence of gender and the role of this variable within staff turnover central. What makes men staff turnover anders dan vrouwen en vice versa? En welke impact heeft deze tendens binnen personeelsverloop op het HR-beleid? Om met de deur in huis te vallen, de perceptie van de beweegredenen voor personeelsverloop verschillen significant (p = < .05). Hieronder is het overzicht met de top drie factoren, die significante voorspellers van staff turnover can be added.

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