18 strategies for high employee survey response rates

Employee surveys can be powerful in gaining new insights and thereby driving positive change within an organization. A high response rate to these surveys is crucial here. But how can we get employees excited about participating in these surveys? This article lists several strategies for increasing response rates to employee surveys!

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The importance of a European eNPS measurement

To what extent are employees within your organization positive about being an employer? This is easy to test with the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score). At the same time, the scores of Europeans are systematically lower than those of Americans. From this you can deduce that European organizations have less enthusiastic employees than in the US. In this article, we therefore explain what the European eNPS means and why it is useful to take it into account.

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The undeniable value of integrity in organizations

Having an attitude of integrity is crucial in business, and this importance is now further underscored by the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI offers efficient and effective operations to businesses, this development also brings ethical issues to the fore. Companies recognize that integrity is important to a company's long-term success and reputation. Why is this the case?

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