We believe that organizations themselves know what they need when it comes to employee research.

That is why we enable you to use our research tools independently. By means of a short questionnaire, the content of the research and the invitation will be determined. After the contact details have been shared, the research can start.

The invitations can be sent out the next day!

At the end of the survey, the results will be collected in your personal dashboard. In this environment you get quick and easy access to the most important insights from the research.

Do you also want to set up your own employee survey? Then click on the button below:

EXperience dashboard

Real-time response

Results of new respondents are included directly in the dashboard. This way you always stay up-to-date.


Gain insight into the progress of satisfaction, commitment and involvement over time.


Gain insight into the results of the entire organization, or filter on specific teams, departments or locations.


Make use of the wide range of filters to get the right data.


Compare the results of your employee survey with those of other organizations.


The EXperience dashboard environment is highly secured. This ensures confidentiality.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after scheduling my employee survey?

After you have scheduled your employee survey, you will receive an e-mail containing the processing agreement. Once this has been signed, you can share your contact details with Presearch. We ensure that employees receive the questionnaire at the chosen time.

How many employees can I invite for the survey?

While setting up the survey, you can indicate how many employees you want to send the questionnaire to. Partly on the basis of this, the price will be determined. This price is directly visible during the set-up of the survey.

Can I distinguish between different departments or locations in the results??

That's possible! You can specify departments or locations when providing the contact details. After the investigation you can filter on this information.

Why are the rates of this study lower than other providers?

Presearch is the only research agency that offers employee research completely independently. Both setting up and carrying out the research is fully automated, which means fewer hours.

Is the employee survey anonymous?

Yes, employee research is always anonymous. Results are only visible with a minimum of five respondents. Because of this, results are not traceable. This ensures that employees can answer openly and honestly.

Can I add my own statements to the questionnaire?

You can add five of your own statements to the questionnaire free of charge. Would you like to add more of your own statements or ask open questions? Please contact support@presearch.nl for more information.