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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to filter in multiple locations?

It is possible to specify the results at site level (e.g. organization-specific regions, disciplines or other units). Take Contact with us for more information.

Should only care workers be included, or should other job groups as well? What about students?

In this outflow survey, all departing employees are included (care-
and support staff). In addition, we recommend that all employees with a
employment contract (i.e. also apprentices with an apprenticeship contract / 'BBL'ers' / students dual) in the outflow survey.

How can an organisation participate?

The employer's organisation (also known as the region) is responsible for registering for the outflow survey. The agreement will then be sent via Docusign. After signing, access to the questionnaire and dashboard environment will be granted as soon as possible.

When will there be an extra charge?

The aim of the research is that every organisation can participate with the basic package. Different rates apply to the purchase of customised work such as user licences, locations and translations. These rates can be consulted in the price list.

When are the results available in the dashboard?

For the dashboard there is a minimum of 10 respondents. This means that the results will be clear from the 10th response. When selecting filters, the same minimum (for the selected filters) also applies.

Is it possible to have a different minimum number of respondents?

In the national set-up, it was decided to limit traceability (at least 10 respondents) in order to achieve a high response rate. At the same time, it is possible to request specific permission for traceability (for work climate reasons) to deviate from this minimum. This can be particularly interesting for smaller organisations and/or locations. Take Contact with us for more information.

What are the benefits of using user licenses?

- Automated sending of reports (by mail);
- Possibility to change password;
- Possibility to set up notifications;
- Save used filter preferences;
- Granting of specific rights.

What should I do if the dashboard keeps loading?

If the dashboard does not load then this is probably due to the browser you are using. We support Firefox or Chrome as a browser. If the dashboard still does not load, we recommend that you remove the cookies and cache data. Become Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge) not supported.

I forgot my password for the dashboard environment.

Via it is possible to select "forgot password". You will receive an email with the possibility to change your password.

Is it possible to transfer a user license?

Yes, the licenses are "transferable". There is no charge for this.

What does the online version of the questionnaire look like?

Via this link it is possible to see an example of the questionnaire.

Is it possible to rearrange the dashboard?

Yes, we can meet specific requirements in terms of filtering, calculation and display options. For more information about this, please contact Contact with us.

Why does my link to the dashboard environment no longer work?

As of August 2019, the login environment has been improved. As a result, you have received a (new) invitation to register. Didn't receive an invitation? Then you are not registered with us as a contact person.