More than 265 health care organizations join outflow research

Thirteen employers' organisations united in RegionPlus have joined forces to examine unwanted outflows within Care and Welfare. Earlier this year, Presearch launched a nationwide, continuous outflow survey, with the aim of preventing unnecessary departures in the future. More than 265 organisations have joined the Staff Research Connected. Within these organizations, eight branches have been defined, including hospital care, nursing and social services.


Personnel shortage care and welfare

The personnel shortage in care and welfare is a growing problem. Although the influx of employees has risen in recent years, it remains difficult to maintain care professionals. An exit interview is often taken to gain insight into the rationale of the outpouring of employees. However, it is difficult to compare results of these interviews across different organizations, especially when branches vary widely. After all, the departure reasons of a home care employee can differ materially from that of a GGZ professional.

Data bundling

Independent outflow research makes it possible to compare insights. Each departing employee answers the same set of questions, after which the results are bundled in one database. In this way, it is not only possible to see insights from one's own organisation, but also to compare these results with insights on a regional or national level. In this way, every organisation knows exactly where it stands in relation to comparable organisations in the same sector.

9 September 2019

Update: This blog first appeared on 23 April 2019 and was updated on 9 September 2019.

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