First results of outflow research: 4 out of 5 wants to (continue to) work in the health care sector in the future

Of the client-related healthcare professionals who leave their organisation, more than eighty percent want to (continue to) work in the sector in the future. This is shown by the first figures of the national outflow survey in cooperation with RegionPlus. As the main reason for choosing another job, they say they are ready for a new step. Almost three-quarters of the staff who left the company continue to work in the Care and Welfare sector.

It is interesting to note that more than one in four outflowing employees has been employed by the organisation for less than a year. A remarkably fast staff turnover so. In the outflow survey, employees are asked what the employer could have done to prevent their departure. Approximately 40% indicate that outflow could not have been prevented by the organization. For the rest of the departing employees, better communication by the manager and offering more career opportunities could have made a difference.

Preventing unwanted movements

Reducing the outflow of employees in the Care and Welfare sector is high on the agenda of RegioPlus. Due to the continuing shortage of staff, it is important not only to focus on additional staff inflow, but also to retain existing employees.

Information about the 'who', 'why' and 'where to' of departing employees has so far hardly been available. The regional employers' organisations that are united in RegioPlus therefore have, in cooperation with Presearch, an ongoing Outflow research ...set up. Departing employees receive a link to the questionnaire, which they can complete online and anonymously. With the results, participating organisations can take targeted action to reduce the (undesired) outflow of their personnel. More than 250 care and welfare organisations are now participating in the research. They have access to their own online dashboardin which they can benchmark their results with other organisations in their sector and region.

Factsheet outflow research

Would you like to know more about the reasons why healthcare professionals in various sectors leave the company? The first results of this ongoing research are now known and summarized in a fact sheet. This fact sheet shows figures for the period from June to September 2019 for client-related positions (2,091 respondents), with the exception of the childcare sector. The number of participating organisations and respondents will be further increased in the coming period.

27 November 2019

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