Influence of age on staff turnover

Exerts an effective influence on age staff turnover? What makes age different? To begin with, age does not affect the overall experience of the departing employee. There is clearly no significant link between life experience and the departure of an employee to observe.

However, there are some important differences in variables around the manager (s) and other "Soft aspects" Perceptible. Below the main variables explained:

Age and staff turnover

Atmosphere in the Department

As age increases, the outgoing employee is more critical of the atmosphere on the work floor. This proves to be significantly differently assessed by older and, in particular, voluntarily-flowing employees.

Co-operation colleagues

The same goes for cooperation with colleagues. When age increases, the assessment falls under voluntary staff turnover of relatively older employees. However, the decrease in assessment is less strong in this area than, for example, the atmosphere in the department.


Also factors around executives seem to be influenced by age. These factors affect, in particular, industrial relations. This includes the degree of Guidance & support by managerial, managerial style, degree of feedback and assessment method. In particular, there appears to be a clear link between age and the amount of guidance and support. Employees who voluntarily leave the organisation and are older are found to be less in need of guidance or support from the supervisor.

Age-conscious personnel policy

Age does not show any influence on why the employee leaves the organization voluntarily. However, there are a number of clear differences in the labour relations in particular. In particular, the factors surrounding the executives influence the perception of the older employee in the labour relations. Ageing will play a greater role in our society in the years to come. It would be better to play a role in this, for example by increasing the involvement of older employees. This could be by specifically thinking about Age-conscious personnel policy Within your organization.

9 May 2014

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