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On the basis of the data collected by Presearch, there is a detailed analysis of the statistical reliability of the Staff Research Viewed. This shows that the questionnaire is not only valid * but also that the development and variation of employees ' daily activities play an important role.

Questionnaire Employees Research

In the questionnaire, which we Staff Research Use, the 4A's (Labour content, industrial relations, working conditions and working conditions), Job embeddedness and organisational culture are always tested in a similar way to different organisations. As a result, we can do not only internally reliable measurements, but we are also able to do extensive comparisons. With these equations, organizations can estimate whether a score is strikingly different and, on the basis of this, implement improvement points. With a view to the validity of 2014 and previous years, we have been able to trust us in the coming years Staff Research and comparisons to continue bidding.

Reliability Questionnaire – Labor content

As shown above, labor content is explained by the above variables. The "Xen" are all other variables (a total of 23) that do not relate to work content and therefore follow after independence.

1. Development goes into how much space employees get to do what best suits their profile. It appears that development plays a strong role in the valuation of work content. This correlation can be seen clearly on the image below.

2. Variation Explains how much variation the employee experiences in his daily tasks.

3. Expectations Play a role in the originally discussed function-content and the actual situation.

4. Capacities Explains whether the employee's capacities have been fully exploited.

5. Age Is striking as it is also included in the model, which therefore seems to influence the perception of the content of the work.

6. Independence Explains to what extent the employee has experienced space to carry out work without supervision.

Irrespective of the reliability of the Questionnaire This teaches us that development and variation in daily work for employees are very important. The other parts (working conditions, etc.) have also been reviewed and found to be reliable in the same way.

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* Data tested on skewness and kurtosis (final digits parts), its >, 196 and <, 196 – Tested for normal distribution, does not deviate from normality (sig. =, 000) – Tested for internal consistency (Cronbach alpha =, 871), Min. >, 7 – Tested for Degree of mutual correlations (SME =, 837), Min. > – tested to a degree of chance (Bartlett test, sig. =, 000)

15th January 2015

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